Skare is the collaboration of Mathias Josefson and Per Åhlund.
The circulation of water, snow and ice. The metamorphosis from gas to floating liquid to snow to solid ice through freezing, the light reflecting from the snow and filtered through the ice as a prisma and the sounds of this ever ongoing circle...



Skare - 2015

Skare - Solstice City

Skare - Live at Schhh... from Per Åhlund on Vimeo.

Skare - "Vak" from Per Åhlund on Vimeo.


CD Album
Released: 2015
Label: Reverse Alignment

Solstice City

Solstice City
CD Album
Released: 2009
Label: Glacial Movements

"Solstice City is the first album from Skare. The album is an interpretation of a journey through a shifting landscape where the city meets nature.

Departing from a distant and foreign shore, the traveller embarks a ship, uncertain of his destination. This prelude, introduced vividly in "To the other shore", releases this pilgrim to further explore yet unchartered territories

Leaving all man-made conventions, the second track "Through Wind and Broken Ice" takes us where the city imitates nature. Finally, a factory appears in the whiteout; a place where angels are manufactured as presented in the final track "The Snow Angel Factory"...

... vehicles used are field recordings, found sounds and treated and manipulated instruments. All sound material has been digitally processed and arranged at Studio 3, EMS in Stockholm, Sweden, 2006.

The album was released by Glacial Movements Records in February 2009."

Glacial Movements Records